Super Saturday Cleaning Day (or something like that)….

As I come to close of an evening of cleaning (my apartment that is), memories of good ol’ Iroquois come to mind. If you don’t know already, I went to a k-12 private school for needy children called Milton Hershey School (MHS) in Hershey, PA. As I move forward with this new world of Blogging, you’ll see off and on references of MHS but being that I went from 2nd grade through graduation (that is graduation from high school not elementry school ;-)) it’s too much to write EVERYTHING about MHS in a single blog….

Any where was I, oh yea Iroquois. Well you might be wondering what the title of this blog means. Well you see about 4 times a year while at MHS during my “tenure” with the Hausers (my houseparents) we would have the Super Saturday Cleaning Day (I think I totally messed up the title, but I know Mr. Hauser loved the word Super, and it was always on a Saturday this event occurred, and it dealt with cleaning, I’m going with it). Anyway, we never knew exactly when it was going to occur, but the morning of the event, we would be woken up at 8 AM with Mr. H. hollaring, It is Super Saturday Cleaning Day!. Now you are probably wondering what the heck is this all about, well you see Super Saturday Cleaning Day meant that EVERY inch of your side of the room (2 boys per room) was cleaned. Your side of the room would be divided into “sections” meaning, shelves is one step, Desk and desk drawers is another step, closet is another step, vents and windows was another step and vacuming was the final step. And each step was a 2 step process where first we had to remove everything from the “section” clean it and ask for “First Check” where Mr. H. would confirm that it is clean then “Second Check” was put everything back and have it checked again. When all said and done we would ask for Final Check.

The real prize in the end was Breakfast. On these days Mrs. Hauser would bake up her famous Cinnimon Rolls, man they were to die for! Those suckers were HUGE too!

Now let me just clarify something, it sounds as if our bedrooms were pig styes, reality is the complete opposite. We had to pickup our rooms every morning before leaving school (make bed, hang clothes up, yada yada yada) and 2 times a week, dust but it still was a lot of cleaning.

All I got to say is “First Check, Mr. Hauser!”.


1 thought on “Super Saturday Cleaning Day (or something like that)….

  1. Lester

    Wow! I haven’t thought about Super Saturday’s in quite a while! I do remember Cinnamon Buns…but my favorite was always Apple Bars! Love your poste man, absolutely love it! Do you still maintain contact with the Hauser’s? I would love to get back in touch with them…do you have their contact information?



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