So this past weekend we went and saw the new PIXAR movie called Wall-E. Let me first say, PIXAR does some amazing work. Am an extreme fan of the Toy Story series. PIXAR started the movie with the most halarious short movie opener I have ever seen, I’m not going to ruin it but man was it FUNNY! Now on to the movie.

PIXAR yet again does an increadible job with the graphics but the movie seemed tooo long for a traditional PIXAR. It seemed they dragged on a few parts longer than necessry but it was still quite enjoyable and funny so I would give it a B+ I don’t think it is necessary for a theater visit but definetly worth seeing at some point. For kids, I think they would enjoy also but it might be a little long for at the theater for little kids.

Now on the subject of kids at the theater. We went to a 9:30 PM (PM THAT IS!!!) showing of Wall-E on Friday, and I could not believe it but children were at that showing! And I’m not talking about teenagers, these were ages ranging from 4 to 12! What the heck are they doing up at that hour! Over 3/4 were a sleep by end of movie any way…. I just don’t get it…

That’s my rambling tonight.

Night all!


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