The OOPS product

Allow me to introduce you to a fantastic product….
Bissel SpotBot!
This product is fantastic! It cleans up both old and new stains right out of the carpet. Of course it does make the carpet look funny such that it makes the circle where it cleans because it ruffles the carpet. It has cleaned coffee stains, dog and cat stains (lets leave it at that ;-)), red wine stains and among other misc. stains. I have used it on both my carpet and on my bed.
Some unfortunate annoying drawbacks…
Besides the regular soap formula, I use Pet Odor and Stain remover
I have learned you also HAVE to use the Oxy Gen 2 formula also
Now this is what I don’t get. Both products are meant specifically for the spot bot series but if you pour the exact amount the OxyGen2 you get 3 and 1/2 rounds out of it. Now why the 1/2 round! Why can’t they make the bottle the right size to get an even amount out! I just don’t get it.
When you set up the the spotbot, you get about 3 cleanings out of it at a given time.
Overall I give the product a grade of A- (minus becasue of the stupid design of OxyGen2 and the fact that it only has a small circle that is covered [about 6 inch diameter I believe]).

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