Microsoft’s Vision of the Future… one word… AMAZING!

I have always been a fan of vision of the future. it does not matter if it is just a dream, or seem completely unreal, but the ability to view possibilities without limits and think outside the box… that is what results in actual possibilities. Microsoft is one of those companies that envisions great things!

This week Microsoft released their vision of a future of efficiency in technology, collaboration, family and environment. See Productivity: Future Vision do me a favor and jump to 4:26… that’s me talking with my daughter Elsa 😉

What is more incredible is that it encompassed real technology of todaym including:

If I had to chose one technology out of the video I liked most, I would have to say the folded magazine (starting at 1:18) but what the heck does that silver disk to though that is above that she tapped with the pen??

What technology caught your eye?


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