Hey LinkedIn, could you make my feed sorter any smaller?

As I get more into blogging and the whole social networking aspect with a professional twist, I am using LinkedIn more. I noticed just the other day, how the order of my home page feed just made no sense chronologically. It dawned on me that maybe LinkedIn is playing games like Facebook and has different sort controls for the home page feed. I looked all over the home page and just could not find a sort control. Then just now I saw this weird … at top of my feed –


Very first thought I had was that it is used to expand and collapse (in varying sizes) the status update section above the feed. You know how in many web programs with individual frames, they show the … to expand and collapse a section (including Windows 8.1 as shown below)


So out of curiosity, I clicked on it, and wala!! there is my feed sorter:


Can someone explain why social networks are so set on “Top Stories” and go so far out of their way to make sort of Recently Updates impossible to find????


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