Why I’ll wait till Gen 2 (or maybe 3) for Apple Watch

12am local time was a little too late for me to watch the Apple Watch launch (and even if I did, my wife would probably have killed the power to the house and hid the fuse to make me go to sleep) so I scoured early this morning for tidbits on the announcement and here is why I’ll wait till next generation….

Where really is the “and one more thing” feature???

Unless I missed it (could very well have) but where is the “and one more thing” feature for the Apple Watch? I wouldn’t even have mind if they “cracked” the solution of the battery life (more on that later) but only “wow” factor I can find is just the design itself. OK OK, the design does look amazing, I’ll give you that (though I have not seen it first hand yet), but all it really has going for it is:

  1. Apple brand
  2. Great integration with iPhone (checkout this article from TechCrunch about how the iPhone usage has dropped with the Apple Watch)

First Born + 1 year salary = Price of Apple Watch

Holy molly Batman! I think I coughed up my Cafe Sua Da this morning when I read the prices we would be paying for the bloody thing! I guess they need special staff at the Apple store with law degree as I will need to sign over my first born and a year of my salary just to purchase the combo I want (Space Black stainless steel link)… $1,099 USD!!!!!!!!!!!! Then you add in the extra bands (hey it is one of the big features to easily swap bands, so you may as well accessorize) and those range from $49 to $449 (yup, for basically a price of a new Apple Watch, you can buy just a band by itself). For more details on price breakdown, see this article from 9to5Mac.

Thankfully though it appears to work with iPhone 5 or greater… earlier I think the reports were iPhone 5s or greater but Apple web site says iPhone 5 is support horrah!!

Where is the awesome Calorie Burning sensor

Coming back to the “wow” factor for a minute. I read an article a couple months ago about how one company designed a wearable that actually TRACKS how many calories you intake! How awesome is that? Being in Vietnam, it is sooo hard to enter what foods I eat into those wacky Calorie counter programs. Try searching for Bun Bo Hue some time (a VERY tasty noodle soup). it would be great where I can just hit a button and the wearable senses how much calories I take on consumption! Check this article on the write up about Healbe GoBe.

OK back to Apple Watch, and my saddest moment, Battery Life

I was really hoping, dreaming, wishing, wondering, anxious, blah blah blah, that Apple has secretly cracked the code about Battery Life that made the watch possible to make it through 36 hour day functionally. I mean, I can wear it all day AND wear it at night. Come on, they have that cool Taptic feature meant to wake you with out disturbing your partner while sleeping, what good is it if it is vibrating on a metal stand or wood table charging? At least make the sucker be fully charged in 30 minutes, I’ll take a shower and prepare for the day while it is charging, but alas, it takes 2.5 hours for a full charge. Alas, the dreams did not come true and technology has not caught up yet.  Read more about battery life here.

In summary

Pretty watch, caught up to competition, ready for a head to head battle, but not a leader for me… Guess the fitbit ChargeHR I decided not to get is back in play… for now.


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