Mysterious/Cool Feature hidden in LinkedIn… Accessibility mode

So I was jumping through various tabs currently open in my Chrome browser when my finger appeared to have slipped when hitting the key combo in LinkedIn tab and suddenly a blue bar appeared –

Mystery Accessibility

As soon as it appeared, it flew away though 😦 But after playing around with it some more, the Accessibility feature came back! The secret combination of keys are:

Tab + Spacebar

Wala, the Accessibility Navigation bar thingie opens up.  You can continue to use your keyboard to navigate the options such as hit Enter to view the navigation menu, or hit arrow to right to place focus in search box or hit Esc to close the menu.

Here is an example of what you see when you open the “Jump To” menu


I attempted a search in LinkedIn help for more details about the Accessibility bar, but found no resources, closest information I found was a blog from LinkedIn here. Maybe this is a standard key combination for accessibility standards such as 508? I am a great supported of providing accessibility tools to help all people, but why hidden with little information of how to access or use such feature?


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