I’m Back and just a little wiser (hybris BA Certified)

Hi All!

Sorry for such a long period of silence 😦 but you see I have (what I think at least) a great excuse.  I am proud to announce I am now hybris BA Certified professional! First and foremost, I want to thank PycoGroup for all their support in this lengthy process. So what is the hybris Business Analyst (BA) Certification? Let me pull the description directly from wiki.hybris.com:

The hybris Business Analyst Certification exam aims to test a business analyst's ability to add value to the analysis process for hybris solutions. The exam is designed to test that candidates have a degree of experience with the functions of the hybris platform and the tasks of a hybris business analyst.

Source: https://wiki.hybris.com/display/education/hybris+Business+Analyst+Certification

Are you pondering on getting your hybris BA Certification? Let me give you some pointers and recommendations. Sorry though, I cannot provide specific syllabus or actual exam questions, as well, that would be cheating, but I can give you tips and tricks 🙂

The recently launched hybris Education Corner provides a very true Study Guide breaking the exam clearly into 5 key topics:

  • Technology choices, covering
    • Import methods
    • Facet search/Solr index
    • Variant Typing vs. Classification Systems
  • Generic BA skills, including
    • Understanding Knowledge Areas and order of process
    • Scrum methodolgy
    • Various Techniques (SWOT, UML, Brainstorming, etc)
  • Effort Analysis (sorry, too hard to give exact details without giving away actual questions, or pointing you in wrong direction)
    • Which of the following methods is easiest to perform?
    • Adding XYZ, does this require coding, or just configuration?
  • Backoffice
    • Knowledge of old Cockpit framework (i.e. all the different cockpits, which is for what role, what each section in a given cockpit is called)
    • Knowledge of Next Generation (NG) Cockpit Framework
  • Architecture
    • Unlike Technology choices where you chose a proper technology method to achieve a goal, this tests your knowledge of specific feature/technology, for example what are the components of Digital Assets in hybris.

So how do you even get started? Like hybris, unless you are fluent in ALL aspects of hybris features in the R5.0 Commerce Platform, I suggest diving into your bosses wallet and pay for the online, self-paced, training programs listed below:

Although both courses has overlap, the Essentials will help you get foundation of terminology before you jump into the longer course of hybris BA Online. Again not a requirement and likely due to budget constraints you cannot cover both.

Sadly though, even though you pay an arm for the online course (do note though, when you compare to Magneto’s online training course costs, hybris is actually direct cheap) it does not cover ALL topics to ace the exam alone. You should supplement with reading associated pages in the wiki.hybris.com, Not very easy task, as the “business” pages within hybris Wiki is not complete enough for the exam, you need to read the technical pages as well.

When it comes to the exam itself, it is structured as multiple choice. Each question has 3-5 answers you can select from many of which, you select more than 1 answer. Some tips shared during the process is that no question will have all answers selected and no question will have no answers selected. They also provide partial credit if you select some answers correctly. BE CAREFUL THOUGH the exam likes to play with words. Answers look very similar except they like to throw in the words “only” or “not”, so make sure you read each answer thoroughly.

Well that’s about all the tips I think I have and that I can share.  Best of luck if you are taking the exam and I hope the details I provided above helped!


13 thoughts on “I’m Back and just a little wiser (hybris BA Certified)

  1. Priyank

    Thanks for a very useful post, I am looking towards getting Hybris BA certification myself. I have just only begun scraping though the Hybris wiki and its a mammoth task! How long did it take for you to prepare for the certification?


    1. Jeff Kozloff Post author

      Hello Priyank,
      That is a great question! As you mentioned, the documentation is just overwhelming, and sadly, reading just the “business” pages is not enough. It took me about 2 months to prepare for the exam as some of the features I have not used before on prior projects with hybris so they were new to me (the technical capabilities, not the actual concept :-)). Good luck on your certification!



  2. Prashanth

    Hi Jeff,

    I am preparing for the hybris certification, request you to please provide some pointers / material that you think is relevant for 2 areas in particular – effort analysis and business analysis generic as I am a little lost on how best to prepare for this


  3. Ankit

    Hi jeff,
    This is of great help..
    I don’t have much knowledge of coding, but I have 2 years of experience as a Business analyst. I have just started to learn and understand the functionality of Hybris, and I’m working in the same domain. I have started to go through wikihybris now helphybris to understand more about the platform and functionalities hyris has to offer. I am planning to give the Hybirs BA certification exam, can you please guide me with the following:
    Is there coding experience required, to be an effective BA in Hybris?
    Apart from wikihybris, are there any other options to learn more about Hybris?
    Are the training programs helpful?: hybris Essentials Online – Optional and hybris Business Analyst Online – Required OR is extensive reading going to help.

    Please, if you guide me on the above, it would be of great help.


    1. Jeff Kozloff Post author

      sorry for long delay. Unfortunately my knowledge is fairly dated and now everything is folded into SAP that any information I provide would be of no use. Best of luck though!


    1. Jeff Kozloff Post author

      Hello Varun,
      so sorry for the long delay to your questions. My experience is from a long time ago and now hybris is 100% on the SAP certification network and is much different from my days. Sorry I cannot be much help now.

      Best of luck!



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