Sharing the sweet secrets of Google Chrome for iOS

Oh Google Chrome on iOS, how I love thee, let me count the ways… in a latest release from Google, Chrome now includes some pretty quaint but also features, I’d like to share…

Pull to Refresh/Create/Close

Arguably one of the coolest new feature (on iPhone, iPad appears to not have) is ability to pull to display a new series of options at top of window… Give it a try! (just do not slide right please :-)).

When you are at the top of the screen then proceed to pull down (using touch gesture of course ;-)) you will notice 3 icons appear, with the middle icon have a blue bubble around it:

Pullto refresh

If you let go at this state, it will refresh the current tab. If you were to instead drag your finger to the left (after dragging down of course) a new tab will be created and displayed. Likewise, if you drag your finger to the right, it will immediately close the tab. Awesome right!


Continuing on the topic of single handed features in Google Chrome, if you swipe your finger from left to right on the left side of the screen or right to left from the right side of the screen, you can quickly jump from tab to tab.

Search and activate copied links from Notification Center

Not to the level of coolness as the pull to close feature (I prefer the more simpler things to get me really excited), Google Chrome now has a feature in Notification Center. You can now:

  • Create new Tabs
  • Perform searches with voice dictation
  • and even activate links that are currently in your clipboard!


NOTE: if you are not familiar with Notification Center, to see this feature, you need to tap Edit in the same window and then tap the green add icon next to “Chrome” to activate the feature.

Integration with 1Password

Not as obvious but still very useful is ability to access 1Password password locker to retrieve passwords directly from Chrome. This though is not straightforward at all. Here is the visual to access 1Password:


  1. Open the web site in Google Chrome
  2. Tap the action menu icon in top right
  3. Tap the icon in top left of the action menu that looks like “export”
  4. Tap 1Password in the new dialog box
  5. Login to 1Password and it should automatically display the password for the site you are on (if the web site is properly listed in your 1Password locker).

There are other cool features recently released like weather in Suggested Search Results menu, but not as cool as features I mentioned above 🙂



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