Facebook… you battery hogging, social addicting app! How iOS 9 uncovered a dark truth

Like as many of you, I am a facebook “junkie”. More so, probably, because I am living halfway around the word and it is my key lifeline back to my friends and family back in the US. I am also a geek that likes technology (though I am usually a little behind the curve or I’d have to file bankruptcy for how quick technology evolves). Anyway, if I can’t afford new hardware, I try to keep up with latest software (usually free to be hip, or at least relatively cheap) and that is how we came to be in this article. I am a proud owner of an iPhone 5 (yes, 5, not 5s 😛 though I do have my eyes set on the new Windows “Premium” Phone, but I digress). Being a fan of “new” stuff, I installed iOS 9 Public Beta 2. Of its MANY tweaks and improved stability (some I will touch on in later articles), I’d like to talk about the highly improved battery management page, more specifically, the battery usage.

Apple has now made battery a priority by giving it a dedicated slot on the Settings Home Page


After opening the Batter management page, you will see a variety of options. For this article, I am going to skip over the Low Power Mode (awesome as it is and deserves its own post) and go directly to the Battery Usage portion of the screen. This lists all the apps usage of the battery in X time frame. This listing is not new though, we had it with iOS 8, but there is a new twist… you can now get HOW the app is using it. Is it because of actual activity, background services, audio, etc. These tell tale signs are first spelled out when you open the screen:


You can even go further by taping the clock icon next to the Time Periods, this will give you the real juicy details and where the title of this article comes into view. You see, Facebook is a killer on my iPhone’s battery for me. When I looked at iOS 9 Battery Usage, I noticed Facebook used 32% of my battery life and an extra note was listed “Background Activity”… hmm. So I tapped on the clock icon and what do I see…


FACEBOOK! you Battery Hogging App!!!! I lost 32% of my battery and most of it was for BACKGROUND SERVICES!!! What the heck Facebook! Since Messenger is the only component of Facebook I need persistent data from and now that is a separate app which is no where in my top app usages, I jumped over to Facebook settings screen and turned off that service in a hurry!

In Facebook’s defense though, I think I know what is happening. When I am scrolling through the newsfeed, Facebook is going several entries ahead so the experience is as seamless as possible. My guess is most of that is because I jump out of facebook to look at email, Feedly or simply turn off my phone. This causes the app to run in the background (even for a short bit) to build new entries in my feed.

Even if this is true, why every time I open the app in “warm start” it actually resets completely!!!


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