How to massage that poo out… for newborns! **Updated**

IElsa and Daddy am a very proud new pappa, welcoming my first child (ahem, she would go crazy if I did not say… first Princess) to the world, just 6 weeks ago. I know EVERYONE says this but wow is she just a cutie!! I’m still waiting for my gold jacket as a reward though, but having the joy with her in my life is enough reward in itself. šŸ™‚

Having a new one in one’s life also brings its own set of challenges and lessons. As I go through many, I will try to share my experiences, starting with a basic that affects all fathers (and mothers) to both save money and make our princesses and princes rest easier… help them poo!

There are many methods I have learned and it comes to trial and error what your little bundle of joy likes best. I’ll explain 2 methods below what works well for my princess. One common theme you will see is massage the tummy! (in clockwise motion šŸ˜‰ )

Method 1: The I Love You ( I – L – U)

**Updated** Sorry mistake in first to images of series below… now fixed.

I really like this one because it becomes more of a game then method 2 below. The I Love You technique take the action of writing I = I…. Love = L…. You = U on the baby’s tummy. Below is a visual of each step (in this visual I am using my princess as the model when theĀ umbilical cord is still attached)



Letter U

In this process you:

  • Take two fingers and press on the tummy moving it in the direction of each step.
  • If you perform 2 “I”‘s then follow immediately with 2 “L’s” and 2 “U’s”.
  • You can do as many times of the motion you want as long as you do the same for the other 2 steps.
  • Repeat as many times as you want (especially when you see her trying to push).
  • NOTE: Be careful of theĀ umbilical cord! You should never pull on it, just let it fall off on it’s own (even if it is just hanging by a thread).

Method 2: Fly Bird

Not as fun as Method 1’s I Love You but equally successful. In this case you are passing your right and left hand fingers over the top of the abdomen in an arc like direction going left to right one after the other with one hand running at a time.


I hope this was as useful for you as it was for me! If you know another method that works for your little one, sound off below in the comments! šŸ™‚


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