Child Safety in the modern age, my take on viral video and where it failed

As a new parent, my princess’s safety is extremely important to me. Even though she is still a baby (and if I had anything to do with it, remain a little bundle of joy forever, but alas, not an option), I got pretty freaked out by the viral video currently out there The Dangers of Social Media If you have not had a chance to see it yet, here it is:

For my Vietnamese friends, here is a version with Vietnamese subtitles:–tat-ca-phu-huynh-deu-soc.html

Definitely a scared straight video for parents but I do have a couple faults with it.

  • First, some of these parents did not even blur their faces…. I think they wanted personal publicity. Also you are at the same time putting your child at risk as people in your community know who you are and will know your child’s weakness. Serious facepalm, SMH.
  • Second, I know the parents felt super strong that their child knows better than to not talk to strangers but why even setup your child like that is very traumatizing.
  • But most importantly. I completely get the reason why this person, Coby Persin, did this skit. However, he COMPLETELY failed in his goal. Why you ask? Because he gave NO resources, solutions, advise on how NOT to have this happen to other people’s children. Shame on you Coby Persin, I feel you did this more for publicity than building a real community awareness. You can and screw you for adding to your video description: For permission to use this video or other media / business inquiries/interview request email me here: – I check it often

Since this video is viral and DOES depict the scary facts that there are people who would (and do) perform similar acts that Mr. Persin portrayed in the film, let’s talk about how we can protect our precious children in a day and age where “Stranger Danger” has moved to the unsecure world of online social networks. Stranger Danger was a fantastic and clear cut program back in the day because it relied on in person interaction, before Facebook, snapchat, wechat, etc came into view, but in the new modern age, things have moved to behind a computer screen, tablet (iPad) and smartphones (even smartwatches). So I went off and did what Mr. Persin failed to do and researched on new “Stranger Danger” programs which I wish to share with you.

  • Facebook, actually I was pretty disappointed on their lack of support material.  First there is no clear link inside facebook site to protect my child as a parent. Even going to their “Privacy Basics” link ( there is no clear resources for parents. Even as a parent who knows nothing about facebook, and I sign up my daughter for a new account and enter her appropriated birthday, I noticed no details were provided or guides to how to protect my child. As a result, I did a Google search and found Facebook’s Teen Safety page – It is a little light, but has some resources on the side.
  • National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. This is an amazing organization based in United States with a wealth of resources. If you are a parent, not sure how to talk to your children (including pre-teens and teens) check out their site, and more specifically NetSmartz and NSTeens.

So there you have it. Sound off in the comments section on your thoughts about videos, experience talking with your children or resources you found helpful to properly share and educate other parents.


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