Check your English Spelling and Grammar online today!!!

Many of us here work tirelessly online, writing in Confluence, JIRA, Facebook (hihi), LinkedIn, and Blogging. But when working online, we are provided very limited spelling tools and no grammar check tools.  That has now changed! Introducing, a free* online service that plugs into Safari (for you Mac ♥ers), Chrome (for those caught between worlds) and Firefox (slowly becoming archaic with Chrome and MS Edge??). This tool provides convenient mechanism to check your writing in real time, identifying possible spelling and grammar issues and providing fast, easy to use interaction to correct your writing.


As you write, if a spelling error occurs, it will be displayed with either a red underline for spelling errors, or green underline for grammar error. Left mouse tap and then see options of how to fix your error as shown above.  You will need to sign up for an account (Free) then install the plug-in to your browser of choice. There is a premium option available that checks more advanced grammar issues and plug-in for MS Office (PC only) however, many of the most common issues are covered by their free service. I am working on getting Premium service as I am a very active user of Word and Outlook, so I will report back later on the paid experience.

As a workaround for paid service (or if you are a Mac ♥er), Grammarly has an option to upload you document to their site directly (after you login) to perform online correction.

Other bonus features of Grammarly are:

  • Thesaurus, highlight a word and see available synonyms.


  • Dictionary, when not in an edit box, highlight a word to get an instant dictionary


Hope this helps! If you have any questions or need help, let me know!  I have experience with Windows 10 Pro and Chrome, but I should be able to help with other OS and browsers

I did notice some limitations with Atlassian JIRA when working in quick edit mode (tap on a field in Read mode to modify content of that field only instead of opening full edit form) , but you can get around it by tapping “edit” to open the edit form of a ticket instead of using quick field edit feature. I have reported this issue to Grammarly and hope to work with them on a solution in the future, at least there is a workaround.

Happy correcting!


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