Surface Book: Initial thoughts on storage and why OneDrive failed us

First off…. kudos to MS for building what looks like to be an amazing machine (sorry, not “work of work” due to the weird “snake hinge” as commentary at The Verge called it).  The Surface Book is beyond what I imagined and a real surprise as many were just expecting a larger Surface tablet. If  you are not familiar with the Surface Book, read up on Microsoft, or as I prefer more, The Verge.

you can see my feedback during the unveiling below


Once they detached the screen, I completely freaked out as many and many others did so as well.  I’ll be queuing up to order one for sure… this leads us to ordering of the Surface Book and my dilemma/frustration with MS.

Microsoft states HD sizes include:


Solid state drive (SSD) options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB.

But current preorders currently list following combination options:

1tboptionnotice 1 TB option is mysteriously omitted.This is not my real problem with MS though, but an interesting side note.

My real problem is how 128GB and 256GB are the ONLY options for lower priced editions!  MS promotes their new Surface Book as the ultimate laptop with a premium feel and quality, but if so, why such small hard drive options?

There are options to make up for the lack of storage including SD card slot, and cloud… wait, cloud? You don’t mean OneDrive which I get a full 1TB of storage with my Office 365 account right?  If so, forget it. Why? Sadly when Windows 10 was launched, the OneDrive team ditched Smart Files.  Smart Files were cool as they allowed you to access files from your desktop that could either be online only, or downloaded locally. This saved valuable space on the computer while still providing the convenience of accessing the files anytime from your applications. In Windows 10, you now have to have entire folder set downloaded to your machine, killing your storage, sooo sad. 😦

So here is my plea to MS… please bring back Smart Files to OneDrive!

In the end, this whole rant might be mute anyway when the additional options (if any) is revealed later this month when 1TB is introduced to the line up.


2 thoughts on “Surface Book: Initial thoughts on storage and why OneDrive failed us

  1. delete itunes

    Surface Book is a great 2-in-1 Ultrabook. However, it is far too expensive! I don’t think they will sell many of them at such high prices…
    Also, it’s not yet certain if Surface Book will be available outside the US for the time being.


    1. Jeff Kozloff Post author

      I do agree with you about pricing. Very few Windows device OEMs has laptops at that premium level. Apple on the other hand always had their top level laptops in line (I am actually using a MacBook Air 2013 top line model at this moment) that was over the 2k mark (though, in my own defense, I use Windows 10 with boot camp and not even use Mac OS).



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