Why can’t I stop hybris server when using hybris Installer Recipe

As I highlighted in yesterday’s revival blog, Deploying hybris Sample Sites in version 5.6 and greater, there appears to be a critical error somewhere in the JAVA libs or recipe associated to hybris Installer and ultimately Gradle open source build automation.

As mentioned, when you start a hybris Installer recipe using

installer.bat -r


The hybris server starts successfully (meaning you can access your sample site and cockpits) but a message continually appears saying:

> Building 0% > :recipes/


When you type, nothing appears. You can hit CTRL+C to receive the terminate request, but after you say yes, still nothing changes in the prompt, and if you look at your Task Manager, memory is still being gobbled up by the JAVA instance


I then tried to stop the instance using the call hybrisserver.bat stop (this bat file is found in C:hybrishybrisbinplatform) but it states that NO hybris server instance is actually registered with hybris server. When reviewing the recipes provided by hybris for their Sample Scenarios, we noticed that the there is no “Stop” task, however, even adding a stop task, the sample scenarios were still stuck after starting using the hybris Gradle Installer. As I continue to investigate, I urge everyone to use the command hybrisserver.bat to start your hybris implementations, that way you can turn off the instance using CTRL+C anytime to shut down and release memory.

If you have identified a solution, please share below! I am also reaching out to the hybris Experts community as seen here.

Happy adventures!


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