PSA: Windows 10 1511 Update Could Break Features & Apps and Storage screens!


Accessing Apps & features or Storage in the System screen of Settings app hangs.

Apps and Features Not Load

As you can see, it just completely hangs! Every other option in System works fine… so odd.


Let’s take a step back and discuss what I have… I am running

  • Hardware: Macbook Air (Fall 2013 edition)
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro (running with Apple Boot Camp)
  • OS Version: 1511
  • OS Build: 10586.17

Latest update ran just a couple days ago:


(Used for Search Engine) KB3122947 and KB3116908


I did some searching online, but did not see anyone else with similar issue, so I jumped over to Microsoft Support App, starting a chat session with Microsoft. I spoke with a very helpful and friendly support member, Tony (Hey Tony!). Although MS Support is a paid service (?!?) he was more than kind to help without fee. Couple things he tried:

  1. Create a new local account (as an Administrator) and try to access Apps & Features, still no luck.
  2. He then ran Command Line, running:
    sfc /scannow
    This resulted in an error about corrupted files, though it appears that was a dead end as well (?) as he did not do a lot of reading in the log files.
  3. Lastly he attempted to run DISM /Online /cleanup-image /restorehealth but it failed saying it cannot locate source file.
  4. After little bit of time, he came back and reported (after speaking with an Engineer) appears a known issue with latest update to build 1511!

Sadly they reported the issue could possibly not be fixed (by Windows Update) for an upward of 2 months!!

So to fix this, we discovered that you can still access the OLD Program and Features found in the right click menu on the Start icon.

Wala!! we are in!


Sadly if you are an active Windows 10 Modern Apps user (I am not currently) this will not help you.

Potential solutions if you need to access uninstall Apps is simply right click on app –
App Uninstall

If you need to access Storage, it is more complicated, and you have 3 POTENTIAL solutions (but not verified)

  1. Perform a Reset found in Update & Security -> Recovery. WARNING: this will remove all desktop applications and require reinstall of all applications (but files will remain untouched)
  2. Perform a Windows 10 Repair (launch Windows 10 installer and select Repair. This will preserve all files AND applications. (NOTE: Take about 1+ hours to complete)
  3. Go back to an earlier Build. In Update & Security then Recovery and select Go Back to an earlier build. NOTE: This will remove any files/applications or system changes after your last system update.

Have you seen this issue? Any different solution you can provide?


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