**Updated** Skype misbehaving? Upgrade today! and a helpful tip for the future

UPDATE:  Appears that the Check for Updates in the Skype app is not pushing version 7.18 automatically (i.e. it is not marked as a “recommended update” yet from MS), you have to manually download the update from Skype.com for now.


So I forgot to post a notice a month ago (shame on me) but at the time, Skype version 7.17.X (for Windows) had 2 crippling issues:

  1. Messages would appear our of order for different individuals, and,
  2. Messages refused to mark as read, unless you manually right click on the contact and select “Mark as read”.

Personally, I saw issue #2, not so much issue #1, but many saw one or the other (or both). At the time, the best solution was to download an older build and go back to 7.16.X.

Thankfully Microsoft launched a new version on January 12, 2016.

Chat message

Hey Microsoft, be careful with the year, it can be tricky! hihi

To download the latest (if you are not getting the automated prompt) go to Help -> Check for Updates within Skype.

Curious about the well-formatted bulletin in the image above? Well you see, honestly, I do not do a lot of exploring of the menu’s in Skype, but one day I stumbled across a very interesting and EXTREMELY useful menu option in the Skype menu Help called Heartbeat (Skype Status). This might have been around a long time, but first for me. When you click on it, it will open your browser and send you to http://heartbeat.skype.com/

This page lists all issues that have been acknowledged by Microsoft Skype team and their status and proposed workarounds –


Very useful tool if you see odd behavior in Skype!

Happy Skyping!


2 thoughts on “**Updated** Skype misbehaving? Upgrade today! and a helpful tip for the future

  1. Jim Tarber (@jimtarber)

    While running, a Check for Updates reported I had the latest version. I manually downloaded the installer and now I’m on

    But more serious, both the 7.17 and 7.18 have a really nasty bug where Skype crashes if you select some text in the chat input field and either Copy (Ctrl-C) or Cut (Ctrl-X). Boom. Completely reproducible for me.

    Apparently I do this far more than I thought because I’ve had about 20 crashes today alone.



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