How to hide table borders in Confluence, per page

So I had a recent challenge with page formatting Confluence v.5.9.X and wanted to share how I solved it.


In a Confluence page, I wanted to include multiple Panel Macros, each containing column and row formatted content but without the borders. The goal is to show team member profiles with Image on the left and supporting text content aligned right, example below.

Sample of Table without border


Confluence contains the concept of Sections, but you can not have sections withing a Panel Macro (or within any Macro at that, only macros within a section). Next obvious option is tables, but Confluence tables do not provide the ability to define styling of the table per page, only in the global Space configuration, which as a normal user, I do not have access to.

Table Options


I knew what was required is some method to overwrite the table CSS inline in Confluence. To perform this action you have two methods, but both dependent on your Confluence Administrator.

  1. Confluence Source Editor. This is a plug-in your Administrator must install, see the Marketplace entry here. If it is installed, you should be able to select it in the top right corner of the rich editor as seen below:
    In my case, this is not installed in our on-premise instance, but luckily option 2 is,
  2. HTML Macro. This is an out of box macro in Confluence but is not enabled by default. You can read more here.

With the HTML Macro added to the page, I was then able to add the following Style to the macro content:

<style> .confluenceTd {border: none !important;} </style>

There we go! Borders are now removed.  This will remove borders for all tables in this page only.

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “How to hide table borders in Confluence, per page

    1. Oliver

      if using Option 2) with the HTML-Macro and you are going to include the page containing this Macro/HTML-Markup on another Page, the -definition will apply to the whole target page as well!



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