Free access to popular project management and document management tools

Today I received a pleasant surprise. Atlassian now provides their popular project management and document management tools for free*!

* Ok ok, free is a very lose term. Up to 5 active users, but still what a great offer!

So what exactly do you get with such a fantastic offer?

  • JIRA Software. If you are not familiar with JIRA v7, JIRA was divided into a multi-tier product offering, starting with JIRA Core (removal of the Software Development element, such as Epics, Bugs, and more importantly Sprint Boards), then JIRA Software adding those features back.
  • JIRA Service Desk. This is Atlassian’s Help Desk platform, built on top of JIRA Core. This allows anonymous users (or logged in), to create tickets quickly, focusing on important details, the problem statement, and allows the JIRA platform automatically update appropriate fields. NOTE: you will get only 1 “Customer Agent Seat” with this offer, but your other team members can still access the tickets using JIRA core project space if needed.
  • Bitbucket. For those who are developers, this is Atlassian’s GIT platform (source code storage).
  • Confluence. Wiki-based document repository.
  • HipChat. Atlassian’s homegrown chat platform, now including video calls!

As mentioned, you will receive 5 active seat licenses with this package (but only 1 Service Agent for Service Desk). Yes, it is limiting, having only 5 seats, BUT this is a great way for system admins to:

  • Try out new features. Atlassian has made it clear that their Cloud platform gets new features BEFORE Server.
  • Playground to test changes to one of the numerous schemes in JIRA before doing so in production.
  • Prepare for the new Atlassian Certified Professional certifications –

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today!


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