Moving on…

Hello All!

I have been meaning to announce this some time now, but seem to never get around to it, maybe from denial.

After great consideration, I have decided to change career direction, and return to Microsoft Enterprise stack. Hybris was an amazing experience, and what it has accomplished over the years I did work with it is amazing! I wish everyone who has the opportunity to work with it all the best and have fun with the amazing features it provides to the Enterprise Ecommerce market!

Best Regards,

Jeff Kozloff


4 thoughts on “Moving on…


    I hope best for you!

    What you think about Hybris carrier direction from an employee point of view? I am a BA. I am familier with some Microsoft solutions. Which direction is better? When compare two stack?



    1. Jeff Kozloff Post author

      Hello Esref Atak, Sorry for the delayed response! That is not an easy answer 🙂 I think it starts off with what is your passion. If it is more in line with ERP (as hybris is completely folded into SAP now), and you enjoy working with Enterprise clients, hybris/SAP is a very interesting direction to go. hybris is an amazing eCommerce platform and each year the product grows leaps and bounds. However, if you are more passionate about solutions that impact all aspects of an enterprise, including collaboration, Microsoft stack is the foundation and is continuing to grow in the cloud business due to the likes of Google Apps.

      Best of luck in your career!



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