iPhone 7 Home Button Unresponsive *UPDATED*

So, after hanging onto an iPhone 5 for what seems forever, I finally decided to make the jump to iPhone 7 with the plan to pass the iPhone 7 to the Mrs. when iPhone 8 (or likely called just “iPhone”) is released later this year. It is amazing how much can change when you wait 4 generations hahaha. But then after about 2 weeks of use, I started to notice something flaky (funny) going on. When I press the home button, it did not seem to respond (I felt the haptic engine but I am not taken to the home screen) and would need to press a second time for the action to take. I did not think much about it, but then it started to act up even more. After trial and error, I eventually discovered that the unresponsive home button occurred when I was in an app (any app) for 45 seconds or longer that the issue would happen, but after going to home screen successfully, I can open the app and return to the home screen with no problem. This issue continually happened even if I:

  • Rebooting the phone
  • Restore phone by a backup.
  • Restore Phone with no backup (start new phone)
  • Take it to Apple, and they restore it by downloading OS from Apple,
  • Resetting settings on the phone.

Here is the funny thing, after doing any restore or Resetting the settings, the issue would go away but only for about 1/2 day (sometimes only a couple hours, sometimes 12 hours). Apple Support reports the first time they heard the issue, and so did Apple Service Center. The Apple Service Center even connected it to the diagnostic machine and found no hardware faults (never open device). I was just about to drop the phone off to have it sent in for service (takes 7 days even though I just bought the phone AND paid for Apple Care but still take 7 days!!!!), when I noticed the day before, that my screen cover (an aftermarket add-on) had a small chip or bubble. So I placed my nail under to see what happened and that is when the screen cover cracked. As a result, I decided to trash the cover. I then immediately noticed that the issue with the home button is completely gone! No reboot, restore or reset required!!!

It appears the 3 weeks of painful troubleshooting is all due to the screen cover that I added to the phone.

Anyone else sees a similar issue?

*UPDATE – May 15, 2017*

I forgot to mention that the screen cover was a tempered glass screen protector with a gap over the home button.


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