3 thoughts on “My introduction to opening an Azure account

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  2. Tai Phan

    I did try some other cloud, but never want to spend 200$ for Azure. I know you use quite a lot of cloud service. Could you share pros and cons for each one?

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    1. Jeff Kozloff Post author

      Hello Thai, great questions. First, I’d like to clarify that the first $200 is free in the first month, though, honestly it is not a lot of money, especially if you are working with VMs. In regards to pros and cons between the various cloud service providers (top 2 is Amazon Web Services, AWS, and Azure from MS, but Google is trying hard to get competitive as well), AWS is the stronger solution overall with sheer coverage (i.e. datacenter locations), cost point in many services, and experience, but Azure is catching up fast with new services being added constantly. Azure’s additional benefits are its services around its own technologies (such as Windows VMs, dedicated SQL Servers, etc) are significantly more stable.

      Thanks again for your questions!



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