Already in love with Snagit, just discovered the icing on top

I have been a very longtime user of Snagit, developed by TechSmith. Although it has taken some questionable directions on its UI since version 13, the core functions (and what was previously hidden but now more easily accessible, gems) is still fantastic. Well, I just found the feature that places the icing on top of the cake!

Recently I have been posting many new articles (like this one) that require many screenshots to support my guides. 90% of the screenshots are nothing special, just a snip of a specific region (or full screen) and insert. WordPress, unfortunately, does not support paste of images inline as well as ease of image manipulation (modify image border for example).

In comes Snagit.

Snagit power is truly endless, whether it is grabbing a snip of the screen, grabbing full screen, grabbing a short video of interaction, and even a powerful toolkit to manipulate the screen grabs. I use it many times to create powerful mockups for product requirements, as a picture speaks thousands of words (though I usually still write books in place of my product requirements hahaha).

In this article, though, I focus on how to streamline from screengrab to a WordPress post. To begin, we discuss core elements of Snagit.  The Snagit journey begins with the Capture Window (in this article I will not discuss the OneClick control as it has significant limitations but do note it exists :-)).


(if you do not see it, double tap on the red square with white S found in the system bar to open it)

Using the steps below, in conjunction with the Snagit Capture Window, we will produce a quick hotkey that will:

  1. Activate the region selection control for screen capture
  2. On confirm of the region, add a border to screenshot and auto-save file to a predefined folder using a fixed naming convention.

Let’s begin.

  1. Tap on the button Presets in the bottom left corner of the Capture Window, this will expand a tray of all existing Presets in Snagit. We will create a new preset (though you could modify an existing preset as well).
  2. Now tap on the plus symbol (+) found to the right of the Presents button and select New preset…
    A new window will appear that looks similar to the Capture Window.
  3. The first step in this window is to select the option Image on left.  Unfortunately, ability to format the screen grab automatically is not available in All-in-One mode.
  4. Now we dive into the settings:
    1. Selection set to Region
    2. Effects select the option Border then tap the cog icon to set the expected border to add(the icon that appears as a gear).
    3. Share select the option File then tap the cog icon. In the newly appeared flyout, select the option Automatic File Name and tap Automatic naming settings…
      this will open a new window to define how the image will be named
    4. Lastly, I recommend turning off the options Preview in Editor, Copy to Clipboard, Capture Cursor, and Time Delay
    5. Save the Preset
  5. The last step is to apply a hotkey. Open the Presets tray and tap on Add Hotkey text on far right of newly created preset, then hit on the keyboard the key combination (in my example, I use CTRL + Shift + P)

And you are now done! Using this hotkey will activate SnagIt and use your predefined settings.


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