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How to get started AND maintain a successful blog?

Welcome, Hello, Chao, Xin Chao, Hola, Whazzzupppp.

So many ways to say hi, but the real task is to keep the conversation going. That is what I have been faced with for about a month since I first opened my WordPress account. Blogging can be fun… scratch that, it MUST be fun. Because if it is fun for the author, it will be fun for you, I hope, my faithful reader  (hint, hint).

So what are you in store for if you become a faithful reader? I really have no idea! But hopefully some great laughs, meaningful thought, great tips, and helpful reviews.

What is most exciting is that I am an Expat in VIETNAM and absolutely love it. So expats out there… I’ll be giving you tips from what I have learned and still learning (hint, tomorrows blog will help if you want to get your driver’s license in Vietnam, so keep your eyes posted).

I guess all I can part you with for now is… happy reading 🙂