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I’m Back and just a little wiser (hybris BA Certified)

Hi All!

Sorry for such a long period of silence 😦 but you see I have (what I think at least) a great excuse.  I am proud to announce I am now hybris BA Certified professional! First and foremost, I want to thank PycoGroup for all their support in this lengthy process. So what is the hybris Business Analyst (BA) Certification? Let me pull the description directly from wiki.hybris.com:

The hybris Business Analyst Certification exam aims to test a business analyst's ability to add value to the analysis process for hybris solutions. The exam is designed to test that candidates have a degree of experience with the functions of the hybris platform and the tasks of a hybris business analyst.

Source: https://wiki.hybris.com/display/education/hybris+Business+Analyst+Certification

Are you pondering on getting your hybris BA Certification? Let me give you some pointers and recommendations. Sorry though, I cannot provide specific syllabus or actual exam questions, as well, that would be cheating, but I can give you tips and tricks 🙂

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Product Catalogs… And no, not the IKEA Catalog you can take home!

After a brief discussion about the architecture of hybris, the best transition to talk about ecommerce (or even omni-commerce, which hybris is a proven leader) is to discuss the most basic component of 1s and 0s.  OK OK maybe not THAT basic, besides that is machine code and we are not coders here. What I am talking about is Products! Who doesn’t love products? They are something tangible and I am not just talking about the green dough, err revenue you stuff under the mattress, err, saving in fine banking institutions. They give your channels substance, attract customers and other businesses alike.  In this series we will talk about hybris successful methodologies and tools used to manage the store products. It all begins of course with how products are organized, which hybris has 3 key methods:

  • Catalogs
  • Categories
  • Classification Systems

Above are such large topics, that it be too much to cover in a single article, so I am going to break it up into a series of separate articles.

Product Catalogs… And no, I’m not the IKEA Catalog at home catalogs!

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An overview to hybris Commerce Suite architecture

**UPDATED, March 4, 2015, after a mistaken early publish :-(**

Now that we got through on where content of hybris Blank comes from and how to configure your own local environment, we now begin actually diving into hybris, what we are all here for any way. 🙂

Before I go further, I would be remissed if I did not mention superb training courses already provided by hybris. hybris has established several training courses for decision makers, business analysts and developers. For complete list of courses, descriptions and associated pricing, checkout hybris Education Space (wiki.hybris.com account required).

In this article I will discuss the high-level segments of hybris Commerce Suite that we will be interacting with and provide examples of extensions and modules within each segment.

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