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URGENT NOTICE: Licensing limitation in your Local Environment

In the blog, How to get started… Link to online references and a guide to setup your own local environment, I discussed how you can create your own local hybris Commerce environment for hands-on experience.  This is fantastic way to put in practice what you learn from both my little blog and wiki.hybris.com but it does come with small limitation. Every 30 days you need to reset (reinitialize) your environment, essentially starting from Day 1. But I do have great news, per hybris, if you contact you hybris Channel manager/Partner, you can sign an additional EULA with hybris which will grant you access to an unlimited developer license which you can install into your local environment to be granted unrestricted access.

Happy playing in your hybris environment!


How to get started… Link to online references and a guide to setup your own local environment

hybris Blank content will come from two key sources:

1. hybris Wiki, an online resource provided by hybris themselves. hybris Wiki comes with a great wealth of information (remember, hybris is a massive, mature, ecommerce solution), as such, when first entering the wiki, it can be quite overwhelming. In this blog series I will often reference their wiki, so please ensure you have an account already setup 🙂

2. Hands-on, I’m not sure about you, but I am a hands-on person. Back in my SharePoint days, I built and ran MANY SharePoint instances locally on my computer, and same will be true here.  And here is my first astonishment with hybris, it has a super small footprint in regards to standalone environment!!! OK OK, granted my setup is for my personal use and by no means a production environment where thousands of customers are hitting it simultaneously but when you compare to standing up a SharePoint environment (even WSS/SharePoint Foundation) it is amazingly easy and painless to setup your own environment to play in.

To help with your learning process, I suggest you setup one for yourself as well, and that will be my first official information blog:

NOTE: The following instructions are supported with hybris v5.4 and 5.5. If you are running hybris v5.6 and greater, please see Deploying hybris Sample Sites in version 5.6 and greater

How to Setup Local Environment

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