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hybris: 5 Loves and 5 Dislikes

I have been helping a potential customer put together a presentation to sell hybris to their management for a possible future implementation, and they asked me “if you were asked to give your 5 loves and hates of hybris, what would they be?”.  Here was my response.

First, lets get the nasty negatives out of the way. Hate is such an evil word. My old housemother at Milton Hershey School would never allow that word in the house as it is so definitive and absolute, providing no space to improve, so I will change it to:

My Top 5 dislikes about hybris

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PSA: Please stand by for an important announcement (UPDATED)


If you are extracting the package, I have discovered that WinRAR fails to extract with following message, even if I use root directory (i.e. C: or E:)

Total path and file name length must not exceed 260 characters
The system cannot find the path specified.

7zip (64-bit version) on the other hand does successfully extract the package.


Please excuse this interruption in your normally scheduled program for this very important announcement. On March 11, 2015, hybris excitingly announced the launch of hybris Commerce Suite v5.5! Just a quick list of what was included in this release (but not an exhaustive list):

  • WCMS Improvements
    • Live Edit with true inline editing and drag and drop support for better WYSIWYG
    • Preview and Live Edit within device simulators
    • Sync down to component level within live edit
    • Improved image management to handle full responsive storefront capability, this leads me to what I think is really exciting
  • Full Responsive Storefront support!!!! 🙂
  • New Analytics add-on for tracking of user click events in the site… (this is very interesting as with a past customer I worked with, we had very difficult time supporting Adobe Omniture heat mapping in hybris.)
  • Data Hub now has a full featured UI built on NG Cockpit Framework
  • and many many many more exciting features!

For a complete list, checkout the Release Notes on wiki.hybris.com. You can also checkout the 5.5 central page that provides links to documentation, videos and other great information. To download the bits, jump over to the Download Page.

I strongly recommend that you watch their Business Overview video found in the Release Notes page to get a quick glimpse of what is new (although from a technical point of view, it leaves out some significant changes such as OCC v2 is enabled and V1 is disabled by default). I wish I could embed the video here but the 5.5 video is not on youtube.com yet.

So what feature are you most excited about? Sound off in the comment section below!

In homage to a great blogger, welcome to ‘hybris Blank’

hybris Blank has a simple goal… a goal to share… Share Knowledge, share experience, share hopes and share dreams, all in regards to hybris. What is hybris? Directly from their site:

hybris is your partner in digital transformation. We deliver state-of-the-art customer data management, context driven marketing tools and unified commerce processes for all your channels.

So why the blog title “hybris Blank”. This is in homage to an incredible person I knew, John Anderson. He, sadly, passed away earlier this year to a long battle of ALS. One of the amazing attributes of John was his ability to write and share his experiences though writing. John and I previously worked for a company specializing in SharePoint, a collaboration technology by Microsoft. During our tenure, John started a blog series called SharePoint Blank, that shared his experience learning SharePoint as a beginner, and like me, non-coder.

I am on a similar trek. As a non-coder, I hope to share my experiences deep-diving into hybris, it’s features and capabilities and hope to share my experiences with you. I do need to be honest about one fact though. I have been working with hybris for over a year now, but it was based on my past experience with another ecommerce technology (ASP.Net Storefront) and not in depth research and understanding of hybris, so I still consider myself a newbie :-).

I hope you enjoy this blog series and find it useful!

Happy Reading!

Jeff Kozloff