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IT Budget Blog Series: Integration of Currency Exchange Rates

As part of the continuing IT Budget Blog Series, we look at how to integrate currency exchange rates.  This is especially important for two points of consideration when creating an IT Budget for international companies:

  1. Acquired Software/Hardware may not all originate where the corporate headquarters reside. This means a collection of budget line items could have more than one currency. To define a solid budget, all budget items need to be standardized to a single currency.
  2. The budget may need to be reviewed/approved by individuals worldwide. To provide a familiar denomination, you need the ability to convert all figures to a preferred currency with accuracy and ease.

This article helps discuss how to insert data from an external source (the web) into your Excel file and how often the data should be refreshed (i.e. never). Steps in this article are in reference to Excel 2016 (Version 1711) on Windows.

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Free access to popular project management and document management tools

Today I received a pleasant surprise. Atlassian now provides their popular project management and document management tools for free*!

* Ok ok, free is a very lose term. Up to 5 active users, but still what a great offer!

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Bring Calm to Chaos, a success story with Atlassian Tools (creating sprints and the lessons learned)

Welcome to part 4 of my series brings us to the topic of how to create actual Sprints in the JIRA Sprint Boards we created in the previous blog. Before we start though, lets talk about some lessons learned when you have multiple Sprint Boards pointing to the same JIRA project. In our previous topic, we talked about how we created a different sprint board for separate groups or activities related to our JIRA project. Although they are meant to help make the team smaller and more nimble, we are still one big, happy family, and no matter where you are, you still impact each other. That is also true in JIRA.

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Bring Calm to Chaos, a success story with Atlassian Tools (the theory behind the solution)

In our blog yesterday, Bring Calm to Chaos, a success story with Atlassian Tools (the introduction and power of Components), I introduced you to a large complex project that involved many developers and client stakeholders. I also spoke about how to create new components to help organize the tickets into logical groups based on our team silos:

  • Marketing and Production
  • Platform

In this article I will discuss the theory of what we built and in next blog walk through actual steps of building the solution.

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Bring Calm to Chaos, a success story with Atlassian Tools (the introduction and power of Components)

This is a blog I have been meaning to write for some time now, but been slow (lazy) to get there, andAtlassian
such a great story too!!! OK, let me frame up a story. It all began over 1 and half years ago. My company acquired an amazing contract with a fortune 100 client looking to rebuild their ecommerce site based on hybris Commerce Platform, a mature and powerful ecommerce solution, leader in all accounts. (selfish plug: checkout my hybris blog, hybris Blank, as I dive deep into the features it provides, as a non-coder) The client’s team in the APAC region grew exponentially over the time period, resulting from just a handful of stakeholders to over 20 people. As our company was the sole provider of both site maintenance and development of new features, we grew as well and needed powerful tools and processes to help control flow of requests. In comes JIRA provided by Atlassian. This blog will be part of a mini-series how we developed a successful project management solution using JIRA. The following article provides a glimpse into the founding blocks of the project, and future articles will describe in detail how we built and ran the solution through JIRA.

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