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Surface Book: Initial thoughts on storage and why OneDrive failed us

First off…. kudos to MS for building what looks like to be an amazing machine (sorry, not “work of work” due to the weird “snake hinge” as commentary at The Verge called it).  The Surface Book is beyond what I imagined and a real surprise as many were just expecting a larger Surface tablet. If  you are not familiar with the Surface Book, read up on Microsoft, or as I prefer more, The Verge.

you can see my feedback during the unveiling below


Once they detached the screen, I completely freaked out as many and many others did so as well.  I’ll be queuing up to order one for sure… this leads us to ordering of the Surface Book and my dilemma/frustration with MS.

Microsoft states HD sizes include:


Solid state drive (SSD) options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB.

But current preorders currently list following combination options:

1tboptionnotice 1 TB option is mysteriously omitted.This is not my real problem with MS though, but an interesting side note.

My real problem is how 128GB and 256GB are the ONLY options for lower priced editions!  MS promotes their new Surface Book as the ultimate laptop with a premium feel and quality, but if so, why such small hard drive options?

There are options to make up for the lack of storage including SD card slot, and cloud… wait, cloud? You don’t mean OneDrive which I get a full 1TB of storage with my Office 365 account right?  If so, forget it. Why? Sadly when Windows 10 was launched, the OneDrive team ditched Smart Files.  Smart Files were cool as they allowed you to access files from your desktop that could either be online only, or downloaded locally. This saved valuable space on the computer while still providing the convenience of accessing the files anytime from your applications. In Windows 10, you now have to have entire folder set downloaded to your machine, killing your storage, sooo sad. 😦

So here is my plea to MS… please bring back Smart Files to OneDrive!

In the end, this whole rant might be mute anyway when the additional options (if any) is revealed later this month when 1TB is introduced to the line up.


What an interviewer really thinks about that 10 page essay, I mean CV/Resume (Updated)

Just finished reading an interesting perspective of how to deal with a terrible interviewer and suddenly caused a random flashback to my own experience in the past as an interviewer myself and reading and reviewing endless essays, err CV/Resumes to find that right candidate to interview. And if I had to give just one suggestion, it would be this: Please don’t send me an essay/book about your life. 

True I am the furthest from being an expert when it comes to HR and recruitment, but I have been involved in the interview process for potential candidates many times in the past and first thought that comes to mind when I am handed a 5 page printout of someones CV is how much BS is there? 

Now do not get me wrong, I am sure these people have done incredible things over the last 10 years, ran amazing projects and have an endless list of skills, but if you add so much “fluff”, the reader either gets lost, loses interest or misses the points that are relevant to the job you are applying for, which leads me to my secondary recommendation, take the time to modify the CV to the job you are applying for. It’s perfectly ok to create a baseline CV, but tweak the content, the opener, the skills to the job and drop irrelevant stuff. I think this is another reason why people end up with such long CVs because they prepare one with every possible job combination, then mass send to all employers. Remember, you get only one chance to impress and land that interview!!


So pleased to find someone have same thoughts as me! Checkout Laszlo Bock’s blog on LinkedIn, in particular point 2. Better yet follow Laszlo Block for more great blogs and insights!

 Happy job hunting!! 

Plug for my employer on the topic of recruitment:

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How to get started AND maintain a successful blog?

Welcome, Hello, Chao, Xin Chao, Hola, Whazzzupppp.

So many ways to say hi, but the real task is to keep the conversation going. That is what I have been faced with for about a month since I first opened my WordPress account. Blogging can be fun… scratch that, it MUST be fun. Because if it is fun for the author, it will be fun for you, I hope, my faithful reader  (hint, hint).

So what are you in store for if you become a faithful reader? I really have no idea! But hopefully some great laughs, meaningful thought, great tips, and helpful reviews.

What is most exciting is that I am an Expat in VIETNAM and absolutely love it. So expats out there… I’ll be giving you tips from what I have learned and still learning (hint, tomorrows blog will help if you want to get your driver’s license in Vietnam, so keep your eyes posted).

I guess all I can part you with for now is… happy reading 🙂