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Why can’t I stop hybris server when using hybris Installer Recipe

As I highlighted in yesterday’s revival blog, Deploying hybris Sample Sites in version 5.6 and greater, there appears to be a critical error somewhere in the JAVA libs or recipe associated to hybris Installer and ultimately Gradle open source build automation.

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Deploying hybris Sample Sites in version 5.6 and greater

Ahhh where have I been??? Sorry for the long run of silence. L I promised so much and all you have heard is empty air.  Well I’ll try (sorry, I’m done promising  :oops:) to get better and to start off on the right foot, I figured I’d start where I originally began, installing hybris locally.

Over the past couple months, I saw numerous comments with people hitting problems with 5.6 and 5.7 version of hybris deployment and trying to access the provided sample sites.  So I thought I would revisit one of my older posts, How to get started… Link to online references and a guide to setup your own environment, to see what is going on.

As mentioned many times before, wiki.hybris.com is your holy grail to hybris, but even hybris themselves have admitted it is difficult to navigate.  As I began my research into hybris 5.7 installation and went straight to my previous trusted source, Quick Installation page. I noticed immediately a very important notification box:

  • Do notuse the quick installation procedure if you’ve already created a working commerce suite configuration. Recipes will not preserve it!
  • The Quick Installation procedure applies to releases 5.1 through 5.5 of the hybris Commerce Suite. As of the hybris Commerce Suite release 5.6, this procedure has been deprecated as sample configurations are no longer provided with the hybris Commerce Suite. To quickly install the hybris Commerce Suite for release 5.6 and later, see Sample Scenarios Installation.

The third bullet is most interesting as this means that my original guide I created for 5.4 is no longer valid, this is the likely reason so many people receive dead pages when trying to access the B2C or B2B accelerator pages. Starting with version 5.6, hybris implemented a new build mechanism called hybris Installer using an open source packaging solution called Gradle. Gradle allows a solution provider to build a template of sorts for their solutions, bundling the copy, move, configure and execution of commands all in a single call to remove chance of user error in more traditional deployments. After a solution provider like hybris has build their template package, vendors can create many “recipes” to deploy new functions or solutions.

To improve the deployment of hybris sample sites, hybris created over 30 recipes to support a variety of scenarios to introduce hybris capabilities.  For summary of the recipes, go here.  In this article, I will not go over them in detail, but I am investigating each one and report back later. In interest of time and the objective of this article, I will use the recipe B2C Accelerator.

Let’s begin:

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