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**Updated** Skype misbehaving? Upgrade today! and a helpful tip for the future

UPDATE:  Appears that the Check for Updates in the Skype app is not pushing version 7.18 automatically (i.e. it is not marked as a “recommended update” yet from MS), you have to manually download the update from Skype.com for now.


So I forgot to post a notice a month ago (shame on me) but at the time, Skype version 7.17.X (for Windows) had 2 crippling issues:

  1. Messages would appear our of order for different individuals, and,
  2. Messages refused to mark as read, unless you manually right click on the contact and select “Mark as read”.

Personally, I saw issue #2, not so much issue #1, but many saw one or the other (or both). At the time, the best solution was to download an older build and go back to 7.16.X.

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Skype Virus Alert!!! Remember, only click links you know is safe ;-) (UPDATED)

Looks like a new virus is loose and it is directed to Skype users….


lol!!! [Skype Display Name] video:
http://videosk.info/?n=%5BSkype Display name]

another example
[Skype Display name] video: http://skyvideo24online.ru/video/?n=%5BSkype Display Name] 🙂
[Skype Display Name] video: http://popvideoskype.info/video/?n=%5BSkype Display Name] 🙂

This will open a browser window and ask you to install a plug-in. whatever you do.. do not click!!! This is a lovely virus that takes hold of your Skype and resends link to ALL your contacts (and who knows what else), Just like all chats, posts in FB, emails, basically anything that ma contain a link or file, even if you know the person, if you were not expecting the link or file, question it first, even ping the person to validate it is clean first. Also you can do a little leg work and check the link URL to see if it is going to a familiar location, if not, send up the flags of alarm!

**UPDATE, March 6, 2015**

Many of you have wondered how to clean it or how your machine was infected. I spoke with some who sent the link and here is the information I gathered:

Operating System: All are running Windows 7 or 8
Skype Version: All are running latest version

One confirmed case is that a program was installed into control panel. This program was called SkyFall. This person was able to remove it from Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features) in Control Panel.

Another case ran Defender (built in anti-virus for Windows) and it removed some infected files. In all cases, they were only affected when they ran a setup.exe that was downloaded when you click on the link.

As I mentioned in comments, here is my set of recommendations:

  1. it is always good to keep your Windows updated (if you are running Windows). Even Mac OS you should always run the latest updates.
  2. Make sure your Anti-virus program is updated. If you do not have one, I personally am a fan of Avast.
  3. If you are running an older version of Skype (easy way to tell is if all the profile images of your Skype Contacts are round, you are using latest version, else you are likely running an older version). If so, locate the Skype Add-On manager (sorry it has been so long I do not remember exact location) and see if there is a new plug-in/add-on listed. Remove it if there is, or, maybe it is time to upgrade your Skype 🙂